Setting up conversion tracking

Recommendify's conversion tracking functionality lets you track how many clicks on recommendations turn into sales. When a customer clicks on a recommendation, the click is recorded. Then, when a customer goes through the checkout process with a product that they clicked on, a conversion is associated with that click.

To let Recommendify track clicks that result in sales, open your Shopify dashboard and paste the following piece of code into the Additional scripts box on the Checkout page:

{% if first_time_accessed %}<img src="{{ order_number }}{% for line_item in line_items %}&item{{ forloop.index }}={{ }}{% endfor %}" width="1" height="1" />{% endif %}

If a customer clicks on a recommendation for a particular product multiple times, then buys it, that counts as one conversion. You can view conversions over a particular time period on the main page of your Recommendify dashboard.

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