How can I exclude products from recommendations?

There are two ways of excluding products from recommendations, either by using tags or by manually selecting single products to exclude.

The exclusions apply to the following panels:Similar products

  • Cart recommendations ("Customers also bought")
  • Top sellers
  • Recently viewed
  • Buy again
The exclusions do not apply to custom recommendations. We assume that if you added a product by hand, then you want it to show up, but for all the other types of recommendations, these exclusions apply.
Excluding products with a certain tag

If you don't know how to work with tags on Shopify, click here to find out. if you understand the basics of product tags, read on.
Let's assume the product you want to exclude has a tag called  recommendify-hide. To make the app pick up on that and automatically exclude all products with that tag, enter the Recommendify dashboard by clicking on "Recommendify" on your Apps page, then click the "Settings" button on the top right.

You will see tabs containing the settings for different parts of the app. When you go onto this page, you are on the "General" tab.

Type the name of the tag into the text box with the label  Do not recommend products with these tags.

Then click the "Save Settings" button on the top right.

Your settings will be saved and products with the tag  recommendify-hide will no longer be shown to your customers.

Excluding products by hand
Follow the menu at the top:
  • Products -> Excluded
  • Search for the product to exclude.
  • Click the plus icon next to it.
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