How to enable third party cookies in your browser

When you try to access the app dashboard through your Shopify admin area, you might see a page asking you to enable third-party cookies.

Shopify apps are embedded into the admin with an iFrame. Our apps use cookies for authentication and user preferences, which appear as third-party cookies to your browser, because they do not originate from Shopify.

This page provides instructions for enabling them in the most common browsers and devices.


Go to  chrome://settings/content/cookies in the address bar and toggle "Block third-party cookies".


Open the Firefox preferences, select "Privacy and Security" on the left-hand side, and set the dropdown next to "Accept third-party cookies and site data" to "Always".


Click "Safari" in the top menu bar, then click "Preferences". Select the "Privacy" tab and untick "prevent cross-site tracking".


If you are using Safari on an iPad, open the settings app, select Safari on the left-hand side, then scroll down a bit until you see the toggle button that says “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”. Toggle it to the off position.

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