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What is Recommendify?

Recommendify is a recommender system. It allows customers browsing your Shopify store to quickly find products that they might be interested in without using the search function or browsing through your catalogue. In practice, recommender systems increase sales revenue by between 10 and 20 percent.

What does it do?

The system provides several types of recommendations. The product page recommendations are based on the product the customer is currently viewing and is designed to be integrated into your store's product page. They are calculated using an information retrieval approach that involves calculating the similarity between the product being viewed and other products in the store's catalogue. Recommendations for the top most similar products are served for each product.

The cart recommendations are based on frequent patterns that occur in the order history of the store. They are designed to be integrated into the cart page of your store. If customers have frequently purchased two products together, when someone adds one of them to their cart, a recommendation for
the other will be displayed. Cart recommendations reflect the aggregated opinion of your customers about what products are worth purchasing together, and are therefore an extremely effective way to drive sales.

You can learn about all the different types of recommendations here.

How do I set it up?

Installing Recommendify is as easy as adding two lines of code to your page templates. You usually don't have to fiddle with styling, because we automatically integrate the look and feel of the recommendation panels with your shop's theme.

How do I get to the template editor?

Your Shopify dashboard contains a template editor that you can use to change the code in your shop themes, or to make the changes required to integrate new apps. The editor can be accessed as follows:

Click the "Online Store" button on the left hand side of your Shopify dashboard, in the "Sales Channels" section It will bring you to the Themes page.

The themes page lists the themes you currently have installed, with the active theme at the top. For each theme, you have the option of configuring whatever settings the theme supports, or directly editing the HTML, CSS and Javascript files included in it.

Let's add Recommendify to your active theme.

Click the "Actions" dropdown on your theme and select "Edit Code".

The Template Editor

The main section of the template editor shows the contents of the file you are currently editing. The panel on the left shows a list of files that make up the theme, grouped into different folders.

The folder containing the Liquid template files you will want to modify is called "Templates". Expand that folder by clicking on it. You are now ready to start working with your files.

Adding Similar Products recommendations

Product page recommendations can be integrated easily by adding one line of code to your product page template. The file you are looking for is called  product.liquid. Click that in the panel on the left to open it.

Now add the following code somewhere in the template.

<div id="recommendify-similar-products" shop="{{ shop.domain }}" product="{{ product.id }}"></div>

The best place to add the code depends on your particular theme, but for many themes a good place is right at the end, or just before the last closing div tag (it looks like </div>). You may need to experiment a little to figure out where is best.

Click "Save" on the toolbar above the file, then click "Preview" to see what the recommendations look like on your store.

If you want to change the title of the recommendations, or other behaviour, you can do so on the configuration page of this site. You can learn about the different settings for panels here.

That's it!

An important part of Recommendify is conversion tracking, so we suggest you read the guide on that next.

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